HCPS 2020

Healthcare IT Startup

Healthcare IT Startup Award

Healthcare Product Summit recognizes the Best Healthcare IT Startups that are creating a positive impact in keeping the population healthy

Eligibility Criteria:

Any Healthcare start-up between idea stage and having serious traction are eligible for the Healthcare IT Startup Award. Any registered firm on or after January 2013 can nominate for the award.


Each and every nominees should address the following point(s) in the submission:

  • The problem or unmet need your product/service addresses
  • Describe your product/solution and how it works.
  • The benefit of your product/solution
  • Demo of the product/service
  • The impact you have created in healthcare
  • The progress you have achieved since the inception
  • Knowledge about the market and Competitors. How are you different from them?
  • USP of the product/service
  • Team members
  • Investment(s) if any
  • Awards and Prizes if any

Note: Video, PPT and Pdf’s will be recommended for submission.

Last date of Submission: 31st December, 2019

Note: Startups need to register for the conference in order to confirm the nomination.

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